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The Garoppolo/Shanahan ties go back further than you think

They go back to Mike Shanahan and Jimmy G’ s father

It’s safe to say that after the San Francisco 49ers signed Jimmy Garoppolo to all sorts of money, Kyle Shanahan and Garoppolo would be tied to the hip. It’s been well documented that Shanahan scouted Garoppolo out of college, only for the Cleveland Browns to draft Johnny Manziel instead. Plenty of other ties have been made beyond that, from Kyle’s father Mike Shanahan and Garoppolo going to the same college (Eastern Illinois) and now this:

So this isn’t just school ties. Mike and Jimmy’s father, Tony Garoppolo (The elder ‘G’) have a connection going back to high school. So now that’s two generations of Garoppolo and Shanahan men going back. And, you know about the Eastern Illinois thing.

At this point the word ‘coincidence’ seems to not really fit with all the run-ins these two families have had. I think it’s now taking a new word: fate.

If Garoppolo’s legend grows like we all hope it does, all of this is going to be story material in 30 or 40 years. We just need to hope he doesn’t flame out or do anything that doesn’t make this incredible story go down the gutter.