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49ers roster sortable by name, jersey number for preseason game vs. Colts

This should help come the fourth quarter.

The San Francisco 49ers return to action for the biggest game of the preseason. The 49ers square off against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday evening at Lucas Oil Stadium in the dress rehearsal preseason game. The game kicks off at 1:30 p.m. PT.

The starters are expected to play most of the first half. Kyle Shanahan said they would likely stick with the standard half of play, but the coaching staff would keep an eye on how many snaps players are getting and how they’re looking. They could end up playing a little less than the full half, or they could very well play into the third quarter.

We’ll see less of the reserves, and the ones who do play could be primarily players on the bubble. But, we’ll see get some action from players that are a little less on our radar. And so, we’re back with our sortable roster. You can sort by jersey number, name, and position. That way, when the starters depart the game, you can sort through this to figure out who is coming in the game. There is one list for offense and special teams players, and a second list for defensive players.

As the game moves along, particularly into the fourth quarter, we'll be trying to figure who is in the game doing what at any given moment. It is fun seeing the bottom of the depth chart get some playing time, but it helps to actually know their names and numbers.

49ers sortable roster (offense/ST)

# Name Position
# Name Position
2 Locke, Jeff P
3 Beathard, C.J. QB
4 Mullens, Nick QB
5 Pinion, Bradley P
6 Heneghan, Jack QB
7 Dunbar, Steven WR
9 Gould, Robbie K
10 Garoppolo, Jimmy QB
11 Goodwin, Marquise WR
13 Burbridge, Aaron WR
15 Garçon, Pierre WR
17 Bolden, Victor WR
18 Pettis, Dante WR
19 Robinson, Aldrick WR
22 Breida, Matt RB
28 McKinnon, Jerick RB
31 Mostert, Raheem RB
32 Williams, Joe RB
33 McNichols, Jeremy RB
36 Morris, Alfred RB
38 Gardner, Ja'Quan RB
41 Wilson, Jeff RB
43 Saxton, Wes TE
44 Juszczyk, Kyle FB
46 Johnson, Malcolm FB
49 Dwelley, Ross TE
58 Richburg, Weston OL
60 Flynn, JP OL
61 Lauderdale, Andrew OL
62 Magnuson, Erik OL
64 Cooper, Jonathan OL
65 Garnett, Joshua OL
66 Toran, Najee OL
67 Gonzalez, Chris OL
68 Person, Mike OL
69 McGlinchey, Mike OL
71 Murphy, Pace OL
74 Staley, Joe OL
75 Tomlinson, Laken OL
76 Gilliam, Garry OL
77 Shelton, Coleman OL
78 Williams, Darrell OL
81 Taylor, Trent WR
82 James, Richie WR
83 Hikutini, Cole TE
84 Bourne, Kendrick WR
85 Kittle, George TE
86 Nelson, Kyle LS
88 Celek, Garrett TE
89 Wick, Cole TE

49ers sortable roster (defense)

# Name Position
# Name Position
14 McCoil, Dexter S
20 Ward, Jimmie CB
23 Witherspoon, Ahkello CB
24 Williams, K'Waun CB
25 Sherman, Richard CB
26 Mabin, Greg CB
27 Colbert, Adrian FS
29 Tartt, Jaquiski SS
30 Powell, Tyvis CB
33 McFadden, Tarvarus CB
38 Exum, Antone DB
40 Reed, D.J. DB
41 Moseley, Emmanuel CB
45 Moore, Tarvarius CB
47 Lee, Elijah LB
48 Warner, Fred LB
49 Harris, Marcell S
50 Coyle, Brock LB
51 Smith, Malcolm LB
53 Nzeocha, Mark LB
54 Marsh, Cassius DL
55 Taumoepenu, Pita LB
56 Foster, Reuben LB
59 Toomer, Korey LB
63 Jones, Chris DL
66 Sutton, Will DL
67 Scott, Niles DL
77 Taylor, Jullian DL
90 Mitchell, Earl DL
91 Armstead, Arik DL
92 Attaochu, Jeremiah DL
93 Jones, D.J. DL
94 Thomas, Solomon DL
96 Day, Sheldon DL
97 Watson, Dekoda LB
98 Blair, Ronald DL
99 Buckner, DeForest DL