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“I’m built for this” - Alfred Morris recaps his debut with the 49ers

Morris was the workhorse facing the Colts - he says that’s what he’s always done

Alfred Morris admitted he “didn’t have his legs underneath him” in Houston when he first signed with the 49ers. A week and half later it appeared he had them back, at least enough to carry the ball 17 times for 84 yards in the first half. He was the work horse facing the Colts, which is just how he likes it.

Morris says he’s built for it. Built to be the work horse, built to carry the load. One of his mottos is “The more I do, the better I get.” Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for the 29 year old running back from Florida Atlantic who spent his last two years with the Cowboys in a complimentary/back up role. That may have been to his favor now the he’s reunited with his former coaches Kyle Shanahan and Bobby Turner. Morris took less reps in Dallas and his his final year in Washington, leaving him a lot “juice left in his legs.”

Morris said he felt great getting back out on the field and hoped it looked great too. He definitely wanted to take advantage of the opportunity he has to continue playing. He’s been preparing and training during the offseason but reiterated that nothing gets you in football shape but playing football.

Morris turned in the best stats of any 49ers running back during the preseason and looks to play again facing the Chargers. He was very complimentary of the offensive line giving him room to run as well as the receivers who held the perimeter. While Morris added that the offense as a whole needs to keep from getting holding calls, the space he saw in Indianapolis got him very excited about the possibilities for him if he makes the team.

Others may have had questions about him being able to keep his NFL career going but to Morris, age means nothing. He never had any questions at all, he just needed the opportunity.