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Pierre Garçon finally connects with Jimmy Garoppolo

He’s been quiet in the preseason, but he had two nice catches Saturday.

One of the unspoken storylines for the San Francisco 49ers has been Pierre Garçon. Perceived as the No. 1 wide receiver, many wondered if his silence and lack of news from the practice field during the preseason meant anything. Garçon caught a pass or two against the Texans, but nothing extraordinary.

Well, let the Colts just put your fears to rest. Roll it!

Garçon finished with two receptions for 61 yards. The longest being the play above for 47 yards.

The 49ers have Marquise Goodwin waiting in the wings and Pierre Garçon also ready to catch some passes. The play above shows exactly what Garçon can be used for. While Goodwin can get behind receivers with his Olympic-level speed, Garçon can find openings in the defense and get around defenders with gusto. That’s not to say he and Goodwin cannot be interchanged at times (they will be), but Garçon will be more of an intermediate target.

Garçon, Goodwin, Trent Taylor, Dante Pettis, and Kendrick Bourne? Yikes.