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Bill Romanowski says someone in New England told him Garoppolo will be figured out

It’s the one box Garoppolo has to check: Can he adjust when others adjust to him

Jimmy Garoppolo has checked all sorts of boxes with the San Francisco 49ers, but one that still remains is defensive adjustments. Garoppolo still needs to deal with defenses getting film on him and adjusting to those adjustments.

Of course, the question is what will happen when the league gets more tape on him? One of the things talked about last week was former NFL player Bill Romanowski’s appearance on 95.7’s Greg Papa Show discussing Garoppolo with Papa and Bonta Hill on this very issue:

“I had a very interesting talk with someone very high up with New England, who said, “Let’s wait until game six to eight, this year, and let’s see if Jimmy is still kicking butt.” Really interesting conversation with someone that is in the know in New England.”

Papa and Hill asked what the circumstances are, whether a health issue or otherwise and Romanowski answered with:

“He thinks the defensive coordinators will have him figured out. He feels like he had a little bit of a grace period last year where the defensive coordinators didn’t have him figured out yet. But there’s where Kyle Shanahan comes in and I thought it was very interesting. And like I said, this is someone very high up.”

Papa and Hill tried to get some clarity on just who this was, but Romanowski simply said, “As high up as you can get.”

Whoever this is that Romanowski is speaking of is apparently pretty important. They also put a spin on everything we’ve learned about Garoppolo thus far in that he was so good Tom Brady wanted him traded.

Regardless, this is the one question mark on Garoppolo going into the season, and while higher ups say they can figure him out, it’s a matter of if we believe it when we see it.

Fooch’s note: Of course, Bill Romanowski is also an idiot, so there’s that.