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Pierre Garçon’s 47-yard catch Saturday was meant for Marquise Goodwin

Garçon can claim he intercepted Jimmy Garoppolo.

Fooch’s update: Kyle Shanahan offered some comments on the play.

“No, he wasn’t. We went to Pierre number one, and the Tampa 2 MIKE took him away. Then, Jimmy made a good read and went to go to Quise on the back side and just waited a hair second before he through it. But, Pierre never stopped running. He ran right through the ball and it was a great interception he made. I think everyone was fine with it probably except Marquise.”

This morning, I proudly displayed my love of the Jimmy Garoppolo/Pierre Garçon connection in reference to the San Francisco 49ers’ Saturday preseason loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Garçon had two catches, but one was a 47-yard catch and run that set the 49ers up for a redzone trip.

Except, that catch wasn’t exactly for him. Per Matt Maiocco, that catch was originally for Marquise Goodwin and Garçon kind of took it himself. Given the way it looks, I don’t think Goodwin would have gotten the added real estate that Garçon managed in this play, but it remains rather funny.

It brought memories similar situation where a receiver stole a play. Back in 2014, when the 49ers played the (then) St. Louis Rams, Colin Kaepernick set things up for a redzone play and threw a ball for Vance McDonald...except Vernon Davis bumped into him and neither caught the ball.

To be fair, I don’t remember who the pass was intended for, McDonald or Davis, but it sure brought a lot of jokes the following week here at Niners Nation. I remember the color commentator saying Eric Mangini would be meeting them in his office the following day (yes, Eric Mangini coached tight ends).

All flashbacks and nostalgia aside, this very play (Saturday’s) lets Garçon join a special club that I hope is only limited membership. The “I picked off Jimmy Garoppolo Club.”

So, I guess Garçon only had one catch that really counts? I’m not sure how to swing this now since he wasn’t supposed to get the ball, but it certainly worked out for everyone. So I’ll just file this under one of those lucky bounces where I say, “More please.” We don’t need logic on the awesomeness of that play anyways.

If only the 49ers could have finished the drive with a touchdown.