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49ers divisional odds remain behind Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are the NFC West favorite, as I think most would expect. They had a huge rebound year last season, and added some big name talent. It would be an upset if they did not win the division.

Most divisional gambling odds we see are for team X to win the division. However, the folks at are offering a different spin on those odds. They are offering odds for exact divisional finish. Here’s what they are offering for the San Francisco 49ers:

1st Place +300 (bet $100, win $300)
2nd Place +150 (bet $100, win $150)
3rd Place +200 (bet $100, win $200)
4th Place +700 (bet $100, win $700)

Here are all the odds for the other three NFC West teams. They line up about how you would expect. The Cardinals are the favorites to finish in the cellar, while the Rams are the favorites to win the division. The Seahawks and and 49ers are tougher to call, and so the odds reflect it.

The easy order prediction would be Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals. If you were going to shake it up, what other order would you go with?

Arizona Cardinals

4th Place -250
3rd Place +350
2nd Place +700
1st Place +1400

Los Angeles Rams

1st Place -175
2nd Place +225
3rd Place +700
4th Place +2000

Seattle Seahawks

3rd Place +125
2nd Place +250
4th Place +350
1st Place +550