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With Marqise Lee placed on IR, should the 49ers trade a wide receiver to the Jaguars?

We already looked into sending one to the Patriots, now let’s see if the Jaguars would change anything.

The Jacksonville Jaguars just can’t seem to catch a break with their wide receivers. Last year it was Allen Robinson’s ACL tear kept him out for the season, and this year Marqise Lee suffered a knee injury that will place him on IR, ending his season. This comes months after Lee signed a $38 million contract extension.

Yesterday, with Eric Decker’s retirement, I asked if you would send one of the 49ers’ many wide receivers to the New England Patriots. It definitely got some discussion going. This is somewhat deja vu, but the Jaguars have some juicy prospects that the 49ers could maybe package up a wide receiver or two and some picks to nab.

I know some of you may immediately look at Dante Fowler as the guy to try and get—that is not a bad deal. But depending on who they toss in, the Jaguars are probably going to want a little something extra, like a sixth round pick. Fowler’s career still has promise before the Jaguars would want to cut bait for a seventh.

On the 49ers side of things, Lee was an experienced slot receiver. So that might narrow the pool. Who else to send besides Victor Bolden Jr.? Sure he’s suspended for a few games, but I seriously doubt he makes the team this year with the level of competition brought in. The Jaguars could send a seventh round pick to secure his services and not have to worry about him falling to them on waivers.

All things considered. Do you think the 49ers should trade a wide receiver to the Jaguars? Who? And for what?