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Considering 3 hypothetical crazy 49ers trades

Any of these you want to see happen?

The San Francisco 49ers have a 53-man roster to figure out and some free agency/draft decisions will always leave a weakness or a position to improve. The team is coming with huge, almost impossible expectations given their past losing seasons so they can probably use any help they could get.

Over at Niners Wire, Kyle Madsen came up with some crazy trade ideas for the 49ers before the season gets going. Since we’re kinda in a week of trades of sorts since I already suggested the 49ers ship a wide receiver or two to the Patriots, I thought I’d look at these crazy trades, cuz they are crazy.

First trade: Oakland Raiders DE Khalil Mack

Raiders get: 2019 first-round pick, 2020 first-round pick
49ers get: Mack

“No first-round picks for two years would make it very difficult for San Francisco to replenish their roster with high-quality talent. On the other hand, this move would ensure the 49ers were likely picking late in the first round. They’ll still need to acquire depth, which they can do on Days 2 and 3 of those drafts.”

Given all the crazy rumors with Mack and how he’s seen in limos going places, sure! Let’s put the 49ers into it. Two first round picks seems like a lot, however. If there was a way to package a first, one of those wide receivers, and maybe a 2nd/3rd round pick, I’d jump all over it. Mack’s got one year left on his deal before the 49ers have to sign him and there’s no telling what kind of money he’d command. So the 49ers could give up two first round picks for a rental.

That said, if it takes two first round picks to get the 49ers Mack and that propels them to a Super Bowl, well, send it. Send it all.

Second trade: New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski

Patriots get: 2019 first-round pick, George Kittle, 2019 conditional sixth-round pick
49ers get: Gronk SMASH!

The 49ers part with a 2019 first-rounder and a conditional Round 6 choice that turns into a fifth-rounder if they make the playoffs. Kittle goes in the deal as well to fill the hole left in New England’s offense by Gronkowski’s departure. San Francisco still has depth at tight end with Garrett Celek and Cole Hikutini behind Gronkowski. Getting rid of Kittle is tough given his strong rookie performance, but the Patriots are going to need a player who can produce at tight end. Not to mention they may require a little more from the 49ers after San Francisco got Garoppolo for just a second-round pick.

I was never on the Gronk train when they thought the 49ers may go trade for him and I’m not about to jump on it now. I’m definitely not going to trade a young, promising George Kittle and a first round pick for a beat up, two years left, may-retire-at-any-time, Rob Gronkowski. It’d have to be one or the other for me to really decide this, and for me, it’s a first rounder and maybe a 2019 third rounder given Gronk’s age, contract terms, etc. I’m more a frugal armchair GM, and this is probably why I’m not a GM in real life.

Now, I am warmed up to the Gronk trade and would love seeing him and Kittle doing Gronk smashes all over the field, but it’s just too expensive to give up the 49ers future and the future at tight end for someone who may retire and go to the WWE at any time.

Third trade: Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler

49ers get: Dante Fowler
Jaguars get: Sixth-round pick

A change of scenery could do a talented player like Fowler some good, especially since he’d see his role increase so dramatically in San Francisco. The 49ers need outside pass rushers and Fowler thrived in that role as a reserve last season on one of the NFL’s top defensive lines. San Francisco has enough talent on the interior of the defensive line that Fowler would get plenty of favorable matchups en route to the quarterback.

Now we’re talking! If the Jaguars were willing to give up Fowler for a sixth round pick, the 49ers should be all over that. The problem is, as questionable as Fowler’s play has been, he’s still a first round pick with promise. The Jaguars aren’t going to send someone they’ve drafted in the first round and developed for a sixth unless they think he won’t improve.

On the 49ers’ side of things, while the change of scenery could be good, I don’t know if Fowler quite fits the culture that the 49ers have built. The team managed to avoid little fights in training camp, scuffle between Jimmie Ward and DeAndre Hopkins being the notable one of two. Whether Fowler can not be causing problems is another issue entirely.

Any of these trades you’d want to make? Or you have crazy trades of your own?