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Video: Richard Sherman discusses his injury and eventual signing with the 49ers

A new mini-sode series called “NFL life” has the 49ers cornerback’s comeback story as its first episode

The NFL is rolling out a brand new series of short videos called “NFL Life” where players get to narrate six or seven minutes on their football careers. Their first episode was none other than San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman.

Everyone probably knows the story of Richard Sherman at this point and how he eventually arrived in San Francisco, but it’s mostly in pieces and articles. In about seven minutes, Sherman talks about the events that led to his Achilles tear, release from the Seahawks, signing with the 49ers, and becoming the Uncle Sherm head coach.

The video is actually quite well done and worth a watch or even a listen if you’re moving around doing something. I’ve copied the tweet, but the DMCA biscuits at the NFL are always not wanting any videos being shared so if you can’t see it or play it, you can always go here.