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Listen to GM John Lynch’s recent interview on Pardon My Take

The 49ers’ general manager took to the mic and delivered some insight into all things football - from changing San Francisco’s culture to the time he asked for Tom Brady in trade talks with New England

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve entered the final week of the preseason, and the San Francisco 49ers have made it this far relatively unscathed. Chances are extremely low of us seeing significant time from starters with the regular season right around the corner. Before their preseason matchup against the Houston Texans earlier this month though, there were some fun conversations had.

The day that the Pardon My Take podcasters were at Niners training camp interviewing Kyle Shanahan was also the same day in which they were able to interview potential future Hall of Fame safety and current Niners GM John Lynch. He is a far cry from the general managers the Niners have had in the past because he’s fairly transparent about all the goings-on in the organization.

I’ve time stamped the interview below, but it’s worth a listen because he goes into what it was like going into his first draft with Kyle Shanahan, what they saw in Jimmy Garoppolo, how afraid he was of Barry Sanders, and how he would fare with the new rules if he was a player in 2018.

The interview starts at the 31:07 mark and ends at the 51:00 mark. Again, the whole thing is worth a listen because John Lynch is an engaging communicator and but here are some of the highlights:

35:25 - On coming in and changing the culture of the organization as a whole
37:16 - What it was like going into his first draft as a rookie GM
38:35 - How he entered trade talks with the New England Patriots, asked for Tom Brady in a trade, and was basically laughed off the phone by Bill Belichick (video seen above)
42:35 - On what it was like playing with Warren Sapp and against Barry Sanders
47:10 - On how today’s rules would change the way he would play if he were on a team in 2018