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Gallery of Dwight Clark’s memorial service

We tried to gather as much video and images as we could on this magnificent celebration of Dwight Clark’s life and legacy.

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Several months ago, Dwight Clark talked about how cool it would be to receive letters from fans. A ton of letters came through the mail. I took the letters to Montana two weeks before he passed away and a group of us sat around his bed and read them to him. Today at his private memorial service and reception, some of those letters were read, and it was great. Dwight had a connection with the fans, and the fans had a connection with Dwight. Here are the letter-writers and readers from today: Marly Ortega of Petaluma (Brent Jones), Daniel Roman of San Jose (Dwight Hicks), Scott Blake of Medford (Chris Berman) and Bobby Grabrian of Novato (Huey Lewis). And Eddie DeBartolo referenced a letter from Matt Foley of San Rafael in the eulogy. Here’s video from Mr. D’s eulogy. #LettersTo87

Posted by Matt Maiocco on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

San Francisco 49ers legend Dwight Clark passed away on June 4th, and his memorial service was held on August 1st at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. The attendance was large, having former players, coaches, and front office members of the 49ers attending along with representatives of the NFL at large.

There were some obvious names including Joe Montana and Eddie DeBartolo. Then some people a bit more distant from Clark such as former wide receiver Terrell Owens (Clark was involved in TO’s selection in the 1996 NFL Draft) and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

There were a lot of speeches and recollections about Clark and I set off to find those and any pictures I could. Rather than continue on with Clark’s greatness, I’ll let these pictures and videos do the talking. I’ve started with video and the images are further below. Additionally, there are some great articles worth reading:


Joe Montana
Eddie DeBartolo (this video is embed at the top, if you don’t see the video, click the link)
Brent Jones
Jeff Clark (Clark’s brother)
Casey Harrold (Clark’s daughter)