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Mike McGlinchey will hype you up at practice, even if you’re not in attendance

The San Francisco 49ers are back at practice on Friday for the last practice before a second off day. The 49ers have had their practices open to the public these first two weeks, but Friday’s practice does not have fans in attendance. That has not stopped a new tradition.

Each day when the public has been on hand, a different rookie has been tasked with hyping up the crowd before drills. Mike Person came up with the idea, and Joe Staley tasked Mike McGlinchey to be the first rookie hype man. He did an amazing job.

On Friday, McGlinchey handled hype duties once again, even with no fans in attendance. The beat writers got some video of him running up and down the sideline to get the “crowd” excited for practice. My favorite part is at the end when some random person says, “You got the crowd going.”

It’s hard not to love McGlinchey at this point. He’s not going to be a face of the franchise at this early stage in his career, but he’s got the charisma to evolve into that role down the road. I mean, anybody that can belt out Backstreet Boys with Joe Staley clearly has big time charisma.