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“I’m a playmaker” - Richie James believes he’s done enough to make a roster

The rookie wideout had an impressive outing in the final preseason match up and will likely stay put in Santa Clara

The 49ers closed out their final preseason game facing the Chargers and let Richie James get a sizable amount of playing time. The rookie wideout not only played 27 snaps (44% of all offensive plays), but also contributed on special teams, playing 13 snaps (54% of plays). James said he figured he would play a lot and felt that it was good to “get a sweat going” and show what he is capable of doing.

While James’ roster fate is not yet known, he is confident that if he doesn’t make the roster in Santa Clara, he will make one somewhere else. For now he feels confident about what he has accomplished, understanding that he only has power over what he can control.

What has been impressive about James throughout the preseason is his productivity with all four quarterbacks. He has excelled no matter who has been throwing him the ball. He has taken advantage of opportunities to work with all of the quarterbacks outside of practice to help him improve his own game.

Was James happy with his performance in the preseason? He felt he was ‘solid for a rookie” but is always looking to improve his game. He says he has learned a lot from the veterans in the room including Pierre Garcon and Marquise Goodwin which included improving his route running and playing with speed.

While being somewhat soft-spoken in interviews, there is no lack of confidence in James who calls it how he sees it:

I’m a play maker man, that’s all I do. I come in and make plays, and get the ball in my hands.