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The Madden 19 design of Jimmy Garoppolo is something

These are not the 49ers players I was looking for.

Madden 19’s PC release hit yesterday and the console versions will be coming out on August 10th. We’ve done some looks at the ratings, but we never got a good look at the players in game. Well, until I got some screenshots. Feast your eyes on Jimmy Garoppolo’s Madden 19 in-game design:

I mean I, uh, wow. They took a character meant to look like Jimmy Garoppolo and it looks nothing like Jimmy Garoppolo. With the way his head looks disproportionate to the rest of his body you’d think he’d be in some super deformed JRPG, not EA’s yearly Madden release.

Here’s a couple shots of him with a helmet on:

Ok, that looks a little bit more like it. The below one also seems to be more faithful to the 49ers quarterback. Madden characters have always been hit or miss when the helmet comes off (Clay Matthews’ hair has always looked like a bunch of icycles strapped to his head)

Overall it looks like the graphics are just about the same with this year’s edition of Madden. I won’t be joining the party this year as I just haven’t seen a reason to move on from Madden 18, which still seems serviceable enough for my limited football fix.

Madden 19 is out on PC, but if you’re waiting for the console versions, they launch August 10th.