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DeMeco Ryans training Reuben Foster on that new tackling technique

Here’s some nice video of Foster working on that ground approach

Reuben Foster is a game changer for the San Francisco 49ers on defense—when he’s on the field. When he is off it, things can take a turn for the worst. In 2017 he injured himself in Week 1 to keep himself out for a couple of weeks with an ankle sprain and when returning it seemed like he was paying a visit to the medical tent every other play.

The 49ers have indicated they are working on him with his form so he can stay healthy and on the field, and linebackers coach DeMeco Ryans has been doing what he can. The Athletic’s David Lombardi found some good video of Ryans doing some grounding drills with Foster. If you can’t see the above video, go here.

So what is this? This is a drill that keeps the players down and centers their gravity. The idea is to come out of that low-rise and plow thorugh the poor bag holder with more power in your legs. One of the problems Foster had in 2017 was he stood too far upright which let him get clocked all over the place. Doing this ground drill puts more activation on your quads and lower leg muscles and keeps you from getting flipped onto your back.

If Foster can stay healthy and Warner is who we think he is, this 49ers defense is going to be filthy.