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49ers get a much deserved day off Saturday

By several accounts it’s the hardest week of camp, team needs a day of recovery.

The San Francisco 49ers get a day off from practice on Saturday, which means we can somewhat go over some of the things that happened this week and gear up for when they resume on Sunday.

It’s a good thing too. On Friday’s practice, Richard Sherman went down with a hamstring issue to put an exclamation point on the injuries in the week. Cole Wick was carted off with a knee injury, Fred Warner has a chest issue, and we still haven’t heard from Joshua Garnett which Kyle Shanahan has said is concerning.

This is the hardest point of training camp. The players’ bodies have been training for this, but you activate all sorts of muscles in the real thing and can get sore, tight, and open for injury. Jaquiski Tartt said just as much in his press conference Friday and Kyle Shanahan echoed his thoughts. Slight soreness/tightness is something everyone has to deal with at some point, but working through that can lead to greater injuries. One day of recovery probably isn’t going to make everything a hundred percent but at least it lets them get a day from the mental grind.

In the meantime, we have a lot of news to digest today both from training camp and anticipations for the opening season. Things start up on Sunday, but the worst is over for the players.