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Titans sign Kenny Vaccaro after Eric Reid visit delayed by flight cancellations


The Tennessee Titans have found an option to replace injured strong safety Jonathan Cyprien. The team signed free agent Kenny Vaccaro after bringing him in for a visit earlier this week.

The Titans were expected to bring in Eric Reid for a visit on Friday, but the airlines of the world apparently did not cooperate. Apparently, Reid was never able to get to Nashville due to various flight cancellations, accordong to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport. He claims the Titans were concerned they might lose out on Vaccaro and so they needed to get something done.

I'm not sure what exactly would lead to these flight cancellations, but hopefully next time a team calls, if there is a next time for Reid, the airlines might be a little more cooperative. In the meantime, he remains the best and most versatile safety on the market by a longshot. You'd think a team might value that, but, well, you know how it is.