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George Kittle loves ribbing Trent Taylor for his diminutive stature

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Trent Taylor is not a big man. He measured in at the NFL Combine at 5’7 and a half and 181 pounds. That makes him the shortest player (he is a half inch shorter than Victor Bolden) and the second lightest listed player (to Bolden) on the 49ers roster.

He did strong work on third down as a rookie, and his size was never really an issue his first year. And yet, that does not stop fellow second-year player, tight end George Kittle from ragging on Taylor for his size. The 49ers have invited kids to camp over the first two weeks. A couple weeks back Kittle made a joke about Taylor, and on Friday he dropped this Instagram post, tagging Taylor in it.

Great spending some #qualitytime on the field today with trent and solly

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I don’t know what started this, but last year he had Taylor sitting on his lap during an interview with reporter Keiana Martin. I think this goes back a ways. It’s kind of ridiculous, and it cracked me up. I feel like at some point Kittle will be mic’d up and this is going to come through on a game day. Fingers crossed!