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Kyle Juszczyk talks 2017 free agency, Ivy League football, and outlook with the 2018 49ers

The 49ers fullback was a guest on Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast and brought the background of his signing with the team and clearing misconceptions of playing in the Ivy League.

There’s been a lot talked about with Kyle Juszczyk and the contract he secured. One year after making himself valuable as not just a blocker, but a ball carrier and pass catcher, some still think his contract is ridiculous.

Well, truth be told, the 49ers weren’t the only “crazy” team offering him that kind of money. Right after he made a verbal agreement to sign with the 49ers, the New York Jets swooped in and offered more money than the 49ers did. Juszczyk was Matt Maiocco’s latest guest on his podcast and went into detail about the event when it was brought up that the Jets also went after 2018 acquisition, running back Jerick McKinnon:

“Someone explained to me the connection there at one point [Jets wanting Juszczyk and later Jerick McKinnon]. I guess there’s someone there has a crossover to the two programs. The Jets actually offered me more than what the Niners did the day after I verbally agreed to come here. I just felt I was going into a better situation. I loved Kyle’s [Shanahan] offense I just felt like we were headed in the right direction. We were already restarting while at the beginning of last season no one was quite sure which direction the Jets were headed.”

So the Jets not only wanted Juszczyk, they were willing to pay more than what the 49ers were willing to. Yeah, it’s the Jets, so using that as a reason to why the 49ers contract isn’t so insane probably isn’t a good argument, but at the very least the 49ers were not the only teams breaking the bank to get Juszczyk on the squad.

Juszczyk has been invaluable in the offense and if he goes down, the entire offense loses a wheel, there’s no way around it. It’s going to be interesting seeing what he can do with a Jimmy Garoppolo who fully understands Kyle Shanahan’s playbook.

We’ve provided the timestamps below. You can listen to the video using the widget above or go here to listen.

00:50 - On winning the Bill Walsh Award
01:50 - On being courted by the New York Jets
02:26 - On courting Jerick McKinnon to the 49ers
05:10 - McKinnon’s style vs. Carlos Hyde’s and changes to his blocking as a result
05:54 - The reaction to the contract he was given in 2017 free agency/how he’s used
09:00 - College recruitment
10:07 - Playing football in the Ivy League
11:52 - Playing high school football in Lodi Ohio
12:40 - Stereotypes of Ivy League football
14:23 - What he has learned about America from being in the NFL and NFL locker rooms
16:37 - Rapport built with Jimmy Garoppolo
20:15 - Feelings on the 2018 San Francisco 49ers
21:15 - Where he fits in on the offense
21:45 - Thoughts on the fullback position in the league