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Brick by Brick: Season 2, episode 2 recap

Padded football players playing leap frog. That is all.

Brick By Brick: Embracing the Grind

In the 2nd episode, go inside 49ers training camp and follow the team off the field during their "down time" as rookies and vets alike prepare for the first preseason game of 2018.

Posted by San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Brick by Brick returns with their second episode of the season. We don’t get much in the way of offseason hijinks, instead it’s a good look at 49ers training camp and another glimpse of Kyle Shanahan’s bizarre play names.

The show opens up with the players in padded practice. Jaquiski Tartt gets a bit of attention, as does 49ers defensive backs coach Jeff Hafley, but not near what some of the ‘duos’ in the next few scenes would get. The most interesting part of this scene was the film room where Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch reviewed the day’s tape. The room looks like one of those old 80s action flicks with a bunch of TVs on the wall all playing the same play. Obviously, they would probably have them all on different segments so different coaches/coordinators could be studying a variety of things, but having them cued up to the same feed made it bring that action-movie vibe.

If you haven’t had enough of Richard Sherman, either being a coach or Richard Sherman, the next scene features a nice chunk of footage featuring Sherman. In fact, they probably could have just called this segment the “Richard Sherman Show” and wouldn’t have missed a beat. This 6 minutes of footage however, had special guest star Marquise Goodwin, which, if you’ve seen his youtube channel, offers a new brand of hilarity. Best part is Goodwin saying, “We need our own show.”

Make it happen 49ers, make it happen.

George Kittle and Trent Taylor took a scene where we got a glimpse of Kittle’s love for Panda Express and Taylor doing...I don’t know what, some dance on the side of the road I suppose. What’s interesting afterwards is a bit of insight on what the 49ers do on their off-days and how they look at film. It’s nothing substantial, but it is interesting. Especially with them telling you about what they do in their spare time. Kittle watched the cutscenes from all the released Halo video games, something that totaled four hours in length (check out the Halo book on the dresser). Given how confusing Halo’s story is, I didn’t know the series had racked over four hours of cutscenes, but there we are.

Things end with Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch micced up. This already has video gold with it, mostly for the chance to watch Shanahan play quarterback, but it gives us a chance to hear another 49ers playcall. If you haven’t heard how complicated and bizzare the 49ers are with playcalling, you haven’t been listening.

And yes, there is a segment of leapfrog. Because nothing is more awesome on a 49ers show than four padded football players playing leapfrog to get the crowd pumped.

Get your gifs ready. That one may become a victory gif.

If you cannot see the video at the top, you can watch the episode on YouTube here.