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Jimmy Garoppolo has had some nice deep throws

Maybe this isn’t so much of a concern.

For those of you longtime readers, you may have been hearing about Jimmy Garoppolo’s issues with the deep ball. He struggled in OTAs getting these things out and of course was struggling a bit as training camp moved on. As we all know, throwing it 70 yards should be a defining trait of one Jimmy G.

Well, let those concerns be put to rest. Garoppolo has had some throws that are nothing less than beautiful. Here’s one of them:

Here’s another one:

Ahem. Don’t forget the Aldrick Robinson receptions on Tuesday.

This doesn’t mean Garoppolo’s deep ball woes are over. On the contrary, I won’t say he’s perfectly fine until I see some dimes placed in Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings. Even then, we need some consistency throughout 2018 for me to say Jimmy Garoppolo has excelled at the deep ball issues.

The point is there were some concerns that Jimmy Garoppolo has had issues with deep throws, and panic ensued. In the last few camps, he’s been placing some passes just perfectly through the field for receivers to take off with.

Furthermore, remember that part where I said it was training camp? And that as time goes on we can start getting more solidified? Meanwhile there were numerous concerns about Garoppolo’s ugly throws and deep ball.

Yeah...about that.