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Reuben Foster was filthy in coverage of Tavon Austin

It was an ugly first half, but this play was something to behold.

The San Francisco 49ers had a rough first half of football against the Dallas Cowboys, but there were some highlights. My favorite might be this play involving Reuben Foster.

Wide receiver Tavon Austin was split to the right of the line of scrimmage and cut across the field fairly open. However, Foster dropped into coverage and quickly caught up with Austin and had solid coverage. Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush thought he had an open Austin for a first down, but Foster dove at the last minute to deflect the ball away.

On the replay from the end zone camera view, you see Foster keeping an eye on Rush while maintaining coverage against the speedy Austin. The pass break-up looked a little awkward initially, but when you see the replay, you see just how good Foster’s coverage was.

We already knew Foster was great at stopping the run. This was only one play, and there will be instances that don’t go nearly as well — but if that’s something we will be able to see moving forward, it’s even easier to get excited about what Foster brings to the table as a linebacker.