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Pro Football Focus has another reason Richie James shouldn’t be cut

He’s got the attitude, he’s got the numbers, this seventh round pick isn’t going anywhere.

Richie James has been doing nothing short of impressing during training camp. Jennifer Chan wrote about his attitude and approach to the incoming 53-man roster and that’s just a compliment to how good he’s played. Remember, James didn’t just play well with the third stringers, dude was making plays with Jimmy Garoppolo. When he was drafted in the seventh round, some even wondered if he had a chance of making the team, especially with the retooled and now underrated 49ers wide receiver group he’d be joining.

Well it’s not just eye candy or a flavor of the week, Pro Football Focus tweeted out this stat before Thursday’s preseason game:

In case you’re curious, a perfect passer rating is set at 158.3. Quarterbacks are 12 points below it when targeting James. For a rookie, especially one taken in the seventh round, that’s not too shabby.

James very well could turn out to be the steal of the 2018 draft. The 49ers already have Trent Taylor doing great slot work and can also put James in there as well. With those two manning the slot, Pierre Garçon and Marquise Goodwin on the outside, and Dante Pettis lining up all over the field, the 49ers may finally have a wide receiver group that is threatening and not a hindrance.