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Joe Williams: The first Lynch/Shanahan pick to be cut

At least he was taken in the 4th round.

It’s not all that shocking that the San Francisco 49ers cut running back Joe Williams on Friday. When you saw his play in the preseason in 2017, combined with an even worse showing in 2018, you knew his days were numbered. Add in Alfred Morris walking in and out-performing him with ease in one game, and it is not a surprise.

But, this cut has some significance. It is the first time Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have cut one of their own draft picks — and it definitely won’t be the last. These things happen to all teams. At least he was taken in the fourth round. He probably shouldn’t have been taken at all. Kyle Shanahan and Bobby Turner beat the door down for him and some analysts feel had the 49ers not taken him, he may have been an UDFA.

Still, there will be draft busts for every team, and at least Joe Williams was in the 4th round. I don’t need to remind everyone of A.J. Jenkins, a first round wide receiver whom the 49ers shipped off to Kansas City at the beginning of his second year because of how unproductive he was.

There’s no telling if Williams will be back to make the practice squad once the waiver process completes. At this point though, do you really think it’s necessary?

If Joe Williams is the first blemish on the Shanahan/Lynch record, well, things are going well.