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Jerick McKinnon has torn ACL, ending his season

McKinnon’s season is ending just as it was getting started. The injury meant something was going on and now we know. Alfred Morris and Matt Breida are the 49ers backfield.

Pat’s update: The 49ers have confirmed the tear.

Jerick McKinnon went down during a cut, on Saturday, favoring his knee. The local media reported the injury was concerning and McKinnon was scheduled for an MRI. Well, things have moved quick because Ian Rapoport reports that it is indeed a torn ACL. Jennifer Lee Chan has confirmed it. Kyle Shanahan said in his conference call that McKinnon will be moved to Injured/Reserve, which happened on Monday.

This is disappointing on several levels. McKinnon came to the 49ers as a free agent and declared by Shanahan as the starter going into the 2018 season. He had strained his calf muscle in early August and was pulled as a precaution. The last play of practice, he made a cut in open space and went with many speculating the knee.

The 49ers signed Alfred Morris a few weeks ago, and now that signing sounds like genius as it will be him and Matt Breida (when/if healthy) helming the 49ers backfield. Breida suffered a shoulder injury in Week 1’s preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys and hasn’t been in any of the following games during the preseason.

The 49ers running back depth was once looking like a strong unit going into 2018, now it’s got several question marks as they get ready for the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1.

Pat’s note: This is awful news. Site decorum is off.