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49ers get second best odds for Le’Veon Bell in 2019

I would be surprised if the 49ers ended up seriously in the mix of Le’Veon Bell.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell is continuing his holdout, and with it potentially lasting into November, his future remains uncertain. Naturally, you can bet on said future. The folks at offered up new odds on where Bell will be playing when Week 1 of the 2019 season arrives. The San Francisco 49ers have the best odds of any team other than the Steelers.

The Steelers were without Bell in their opener on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, and while the game ended in a 21-21 tie, Pittsburgh had to be happy with the performance of rookie running back James Conner. He rushed 31 times for 135 yards and two touchdowns, while also hauling in five receptions for 57 yards.

It was against the Browns, so take it with a grain of salt, but it was a strong start nonetheless. If Bell returns in time for I believe Week 12, he can still accrue a season toward free agency, and thus hit the open market next year. I don’t expect him to be on the Steelers roster a year from now, although I suppose they could use the franchise tag a third time.

If I were going to place a wager, I would probably lean on the New York Jets, although the Indianapolis Colts make some sense as well. The 49ers invested in Jerick McKinnon this offseason, but now face questions following his ACL tear. The position could still be an area of need next offseason, but I just don’t see them spending the kind of money it would probably take to land Bell.