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Vikings DE Danielle Hunter says Jimmy Garoppolo was starting to get scared

Oh dear...

I know we all want to move on from the San Francisco 49ers’ ugly, ugly loss to the Minnesota Vikings, but unfortunately, there’s so much for us to take from this, both good and bad. That said, we got more negative reactions on Jimmy Garoppolo and it’s not from over-passionate fans. Apparently the Vikings are piling on also.

Defensive end Danielle Hunter was asked on Sunday if the defense sense Garoppolo was getting frustrated as the game wore on. Hunter said, “As the game goes on, you have got to bring the pressure on him. You see that he’s starting to get scared.”

Garoppolo took three sacks in the game. The 49ers offensive line was also decimated by injuries so badly that they had to move Mike McGlinchey inside to offensive guard and then run much of their offense on the left side. It was the least desirable protection for the 49ers quarterback, but from a (biased) view, I didn’t exactly see Garoppolo caving into pressure. I saw a bad interception to end the game, but it never seemed like Garoppolo was rattled.

We’ll see if this carries over to Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. Given the age of Garoppolo’s career, it’s not like he wasn’t prepared for this. Given that he already took a vicious hit that led to a shoulder injury in New England, you’d think that would carry over when he got to the 49ers and shown up much earlier than now. Him getting scared all the sudden doesn’t seem to fit the narrative.

Do you think Jimmy G saw some phantom pressure over time? Was he starting to get rattled?