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Jimmy Garoppolo addresses Vikings defender comment, drops, Dante Pettis

The 49ers quarterback met with the media Wednesday afternoon. We’ve got a full transcript

Week 2 Media Availability

The 49ers preview Week 2 home opener against the Detroit Lions.

Posted by San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What was it like going against Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia’s defenses for all of those years in practice and do you take anything from that?

“Yeah, there’s a couple of little things you remember from over the years and stuff. But, Matty P’s a smart coach and I’m sure they’ll have something game planned for us.”

How are you feeling, your connection with WR Dante Pettis, especially now that he’ll have to step up a bit more in WR Marquise Goodwin’s absence?

“For him to come out in his first game like that and have that good of an appearance, obviously there’s some things to clean up like all rookies, but for the most part I was pretty happy with it. He’s a confident guy and he plays like that.”

What’s been your message these last few days as you guys get over this first loss?

“It’s just we’re on to Detroit. There’s a lot of things that we need to put into this week and that’s kind of how the whole season goes. It’s a 24-hour rule after the game whether you win or lose and then it’s on to the next opponent.”

One of the bigger quotes after the game in Minnesota was one of their defensive players said that the way they’ve got to get to you is by brining pressure and that you get scared. What did you think when you heard that he said that?

“I’d never heard that before. But, it’s the way he thinks, I guess. Pressure is always a good thing in a quarterback’s eyes. It opens up windows, they have less guys in coverage. So, it’s kind of pick your poison I guess.”

Ever since you kind of got here, you’ve stuck in the pocket no matter what was coming at you. Is that the natural way you play?

“Yeah, you have to as a quarterback. There’s going to be tight windows, guys coming down on you and everything. But, it’s a combination of helping the O-Line out, them helping you out, getting the ball out on time, all of that stuff. There’s a million things that go into it.”

Still a relatively short time here, but how important was it for you to be the same guy after a loss in the locker room to your teammates as you were in five straight wins?

“I think it’s pretty easy. I come in here every day grinding, trying to be the best quarterback for this team that I can be. As long as I have that mindset, I think I’ll be all right.”

You guys jump started things a little bit the other day with going tempo a bit there. Do you like going to tempo and how does it fit your game?

“Yeah, I think [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] does a good job. He usually has a game plan going into it of how he wants to use it, when he wants to use it type of thing. He does a good job of putting us in those good situations. So, it makes our job a lot easier when we’re rolling like that and you kind of get the defense on their heels.”

On the touchdown pass to Pettis, the play breaks down, but are you looking for him or somebody to be in that vicinity even on a play that’s broken?

“It’s tough to judge. I think he did a good job of finding the open area. There’s four guys I think all shallow and no one was in the back of the end zone so he just kind of felt it. When those plays break down like that, it’s kind of, not a free for all, but everyone is kind of winging it, I guess. You have a game plan of what you want them to do, but things happen on the run like that.”

Have you always been good in those winging it situations when you have to improvise?

“Yes and no. You don’t want to put yourself in that situation to begin with. But, I got flushed out of the pocket, Dante came back to the ball initially and then went deeper. So, it was a savvy move by him.”

With TE George Kittle, it seems that you guys have hooked up pretty well since you got here. He plays with a style where you can tell that he wants to make a play. Does that give you confidence to go to him?

“Absolutely, all of the guys. That tight end group is a confident group and it’s a nice feeling when you go over there and you say, ‘Hey, were you open on this?’ and they always say, ‘Yes.’ You want guys like that who don’t think they can get covered. So, it’s nice having them.”

He got open pretty good on the one that he dropped at midfield. What did you say to him after that to try to keep his spirits up?

“I didn’t see he dropped it during the game. I got hit so I thought I overthrew it actually. So, it wasn’t until we watched the film. But, he owned it. George is a real professional about it. It’s good.”

After watching the tape of what happened in the red zone, what were your takeaways?

“I missed George on the one, I shot it too high. Then, it’s the little things. We keep saying that it’s the little things that we need to correct and get right in a short time-period.”

What are some of your initial impressions of Detroit’s defense? What do you see there?

“They’re talented. Matty P, they’re a game-plan team. Across the board, good D-line, they get penetration, they set the edge, fast linebackers and talented secondary. They’re good at every level. We’ll have to come out with a good mindset.”