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Survey: How 49ers and Lions fans see Sunday’s game

Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse — a survey of fans across the NFL, powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. 49ers fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

Will the 49ers win or lose in Week 2?

Odds: 49ers are 7-point favorites
Niners Nation FanPulse: 49ers by 7
Pride Of Detroit FanPulse: Lions by 1

This sounds about right to me. The line is anywhere between six and seven points, and most of us think the 49ers can win this game. I really liked this game when the line was -3, and the quick climb has me a little concerned. I do think the 49ers can cover this spread, but if you’re looking to bet the game, look for the six and 6.5 point options.

How confident are you in the direction of the team?

Last week: 99 percent confidence

You lose one game, and people start hopping off the bandwagon. It also might have to do with the wording. Last week, voters could pick between very confident, somewhat confident, meh, not very confident, and not confident at all. This week, it’s simply confident, meh, and not confident. I imagine the two percent increase in meh is a mix of people who would otherwise choose somewhat confident, and people who legitimately are down after the loss to the Vikings.

Other than QB, what is most valuable to an NFL offense?

My personal preference on this would be “offensive line” and not just a single position on the offensive line. I actually would argue if I were picking a single position, I’d say elite wide receiver. You need a little bit of everything, but if you add an Antonio Brown or Julio Jones or Odell Beckham to the roster, that’s a pretty significant upgrade.