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Seahawks sign Mychal Kendricks while he awaits sentencing for insider trading felony

Sometimes you just can’t make things up. The Seattle Seahawks are adding some linebacker depth, signing Mychal Kendricks to a one-year contract, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Kendricks is expected to play on Monday when they face the Chicago Bears.

Kendricks is a talented linebacker, but there is one slight problem. He pled guilty to insider trading, and faces jail time. His sentencing date is January 24, and sentencing guidelines suggest 30-37 months of jail time, according to Schefter. His guilty plea might get him less, but it is safe to say he’s headed to prison for at least a little bit of time. That sentencing date is four days after the NFC title game, but I don’t think any of us expect the Seahawks to be playing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

There is no word yet on if he faces a suspension from the NFL. Although this is a “white collar crime,” it would fall squarely in the confines of the personal conduct policy. The NFL has no real clue what it is doing with punishment, so I don’t think any of us can predict how long Kendricks might eventually be suspended. The NFL pretends to care about image issues, but I really don’t know how this plays out.

Amidst all of this is how quickly the Seahawks took care of this deal. We had the first reports of a visit earlier this afternoon, and it took no time for reports of a signing. It’s not surprising, but it still leaves me shaking my head.