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The 49ers have fantastic new game day food options

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There are quite a few new choices for your gastronomical needs at Levi’s Stadium on game day - tips on what to look for

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Jennifer Lee Chan

The 49ers have a new food and beverage partner for the 2018 season: Levy Restaurants. Together they have resourced several local restaurants and food vendors to keep you satisfied while you cheer your team on the gridiron. We were lucky enough to get a preview of what’s to come on game day and where to find it at the stadium as you get ready for the home opener and the rest of the season.

Our first stop was a visit to see where the fans who are sitting in the new end zone recliners can sneak off to. It’s a swanky lounge where delicious hand crafted cocktails are the norm and fans can feel like they are in an exclusive backstage type of setting. It’s called the IdentoGO Green Room:

Jennifer Lee Chan
Jennifer Lee Chan

Our next stop was to see the newly installed Touchdown Terrace stalls which house local food vendors and more on the outer patio areas adjacent to the main concourse. Not only was this designed to offer a larger variety of food options but also to alleviate crowds in the concourse area.

Jennifer Lee Chan

These stalls will include some of Levy Restaurants’ offerings as well as featuring Bay Area restaurants including barbacco (Italian) - meatballs (meatless version also available)

Jennifer Lee Chan

Copita (Mexican)

Jennifer Lee Chan

The Chairman (Asian street food) - pork belly buns

Jennifer Lee Chan

Michael Mina’s Bourbon Pub (American)

Jennifer Lee Chan

Crab pretzel roll was a favorite:

Jennifer Lee Chan

Salt & Straw (ice cream)

Here are some of the new and classic items that you can find at the stadium:

  • Dungeness Crab Pretzel: Knuckle and claw meat mixed with garlic aioli, dijon, and chives on a fresh butter-toasted pretzel baguette
  • Korean Bibimbap Bowl: House-marinated kalbi beef accompanied by a fried egg, kimchi, and spicy gochujang aioli
  • Poke Nachos: House-made wonton chips topped with fresh ahi tuna, avocado, edamame, nori, and sriracha aioli
  • Garlic Fries: Hand-cut fries topped with minced garlic and parsley
  • Chicken Verde Nachos: Tostitos nacho chips topped with pulled chicken, chile verde, sour cream, fresh jalapenos, and pico de gallo

Returning again from last year Organic Coup will have their chicken sandwiches available:

Jennifer Lee Chan

I will say that everything we tasted was enjoyable, but my favorites were the pork belly bun from The Chairman - super tender pork belly with just enough acidity to balance out the tasty sauce served on top with a tender bun, and the Ice Cream from Salt and Straw - I tried both the vegan strawberry coconut version and the freckled chocolate, both delicious!

Look for all of these on your next trip to Levi’s Stadium!