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Time to get pumped for 49ers-Lions

First home game, let’s do this, Niners Nation

The San Francisco are set to begin their first home game of 2018 against the Detroit Lions in just about an hour. The last time the Lions won in San Francisco, Steve Spurrier was quarterback for the Niners. I see no reason to change that trend now. After that loss in Minnesota, a win is all the more valuable and given the expectations fans have, an 0-2 loss would be a hole no one wants to watch the 49ers dig themselves out of.

Last week, I said to put your music suggestions for pump threads in the comments. Please continue to do so, and I’ll pick something to get us going. This one is from Beforethefaithful1980. If we’re gonna do metal, might as well do Slayer. Slay those Lions. Crank your speakers up.

Given the Lions had a disgusting loss on Monday Night Football, I’m inclined to think they can’t rectify all their issues by today. The 49ers have a lot to improve on themselves following their lack of execution on offense last week, but they are in Santa Clara and a better team, I see no reason why they can’t walk out of this and beat the Lions handily.

What’s everyone looking for? I want some Fred Warner, give me some Fred Warner today, I was very impressed with what I saw out of the 49ers rookie last week. If not Fred Warner, give me more Jimmy G. After that performance last week, let’s see how Jimmy Garoppolo can bounce back. Perhaps he plays like an angry Garoppolo.

We got just over an hour before the game kicks off. So...get jacked up! Drop some gifs/images in. And don’t forget to make song suggestions for next week!