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That Bears game is no gimmie

The San Francisco 49ers will face both the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks. We learned a lot about both teams Monday night.

Week 2 is a wrap and with Monday Night Football we got a good glimpse of two San Francisco 49ers opponents in the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears. The Bears dominated the Seahawks for the entire game beating them 24-17. That score does not demonstrate how much the Bears controlled this game, despite their offensive miscues throughout. The Seahawks need no introduction being a division rival that has been a thorn in the 49ers side for years. They always play the 49ers hard no matter what the talent level of the team is.

Except now, that talent looks deprecated. The Seahawks were dominated in the first three quarters of the game, with a 4th quarter touchdown pass making things interesting. Even with multiple interceptions of Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky the Seahawks offense looked bad. Russell Wilson couldn’t shake defenders like he usually could, getting sacked numerous times, and throwing a pick-six to put the game out of reach.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears won the Khalil Mack trade and may no longer be a cute team that may surprise a few people. With Vic Fangio calling a defense out of his mind and having the talent to do so, the Bears are now a team with a defense no offense wants to run into. Originally, I and others had the Bears penciled in as an easy win, not now. Especially with that 49ers offensive line. If the Seahawks, who have one of the worst offensive lines in football suffer six sacks, the 49ers offensive line could have its own issues as well. Plus, while Jimmy Garoppolo is far more mobile than he’s given credit for, he’s not Russell Wilson. This could lead to more hits than anyone would want him to take.

The Bears offense is nothing special, but neither is the 49ers defense until proven otherwise. It sets up for what should be a rather fun game depending on how fast Garoppolo can get the ball out. And the 49ers better hope that quick release comes in handy, because the Bears are going to be blasting past that line in no time.

For those of us who had the 49ers penciled in for an easy win, time to look at that decision. The Bears are much better and it’s because of that pass rusher they got in exchange for not much.