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Week 3 NFL power rankings

Breaking down where the 49ers remaining opponents sit after two weeks.

The San Francisco 49ers improved to 1-1 on the season with a Week 2 victory over the Detroit Lions. They sit one game back of the Los Angeles Rams, XXX with the Seattle Seahawks, and one game up on the Arizona Cardinals.

We’re back with Week 3 NFL power rankings, but I wanted to use them for a different type of look this week. You can see my full power rankings at the bottom of the page, but first, I thought two games in is as good a time as any to assess the rest of the 49ers opponents. There are still plenty of questions to be answered, but two games gives us a good starting point for re-assessing the team’s strength of schedule.

Week 3: @ Kansas City Chiefs — Football Outsiders ranks the Chiefs No. 1 in offense and special teams and No. 32 in defense. Patrick Mahomes has been a revelation, and this could be quite the shootout on Sunday.

Week 4: @ Los Angeles Chargers — A loss to the Chiefs and a win over the Bills don’t tell us much. The offense is clearly solid, but the defense remains a problem.

Week 5/8: Arizona Cardinals — They are not good. Washington came in and thumped them, and then the Rams crushed them in LA. Arizona won’t go winless, but they’re down there with the Bills among the worst teams in the league.

Week 6: @ Green Bay PackersAaron Rodgers is dealing with knee issues, but he played on Sunday, and almost got the win against a tough Vikings defense. Barring an injury, the Packers are good, as most of us expected.

Week 7/16: Los Angeles Rams — They lead the league in point differential, but they also have played two bad teams in Oakland and Arizona. They’re going to be very good this season, but where they are among the Super Bowl competitors remains to be seen.

Week 9: vs. Oakland Raiders — The Raiders hung close with the Rams early in Week 1, but fell apart late. They then followed that up with a loss in which they blew two separate 12-point leads. The biggest problem for them seems to be the lack of a pass rush — surprise, surprise after unloading Khalil Mack. They are struggling big time in second half adjustments.

Week 10: vs. New York Giants — They have lost their first two games by a combined 12 points, but their offense is going to cost them any chance at being remotely competitive for a playoff berth. Eli Manning is trying to play the quarterback position with a fork sticking out, and I don’t see this getting better anytime soon.

Week 12: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Ryan Fitzmagic is on fire! He has eight touchdowns through the first two weeks, and the Bucs have a road win over the New Orleans Saints and a home win over the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles. There is no way this holds up, but it’s impressive for the time being. Now we wait and see what happens when Jameis Winston returns from his suspension.

Week 13/15: Seattle Seahawks — The Seahawks are sitting at 0-2, and nothing seems to be going well for them. They hung close with the Bears, but that seemed more to do with the Bears nearly blowing the game than Seattle really doing much to win it. Seattle is in trouble.

Week 14: vs. Denver Broncos — They’re on the short list of 2-0 teams, but it’s too early to be clear on where they stand. They won at home against Seattle and Oakland, but neither win is looking all that great at this point. Their divisional games against the Chiefs and Chargers will tell us more.

Week 16: vs. Chicago Bears — The Bears defense is something fierce. On the other side of things, the Bears offense is shaky at best. Mitchell Trubisky can make some great plays, but he regularly makes bad throws that cost the team. The Bears beat the Seahawks on Monday Night Football 24-17, but should have won by at least two or three scores.

Here are my latest power rankings. Last week, I simply went with a ranking of teams based on point differential, thus some of the funky last week rankings. This week I went with a more subjective look at things.

Week 3 NFL power rankings

Rank Team LW
Rank Team LW
1 Jacksonville Jaguars (2-0) 13
2 Los Angeles Rams (2-0) 3
3 Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) 6
4 Minnesota Vikings (1-0-1) 8
5 Green Bay Packers (1-0-1) 15
6 Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) 5
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0) 7
8 Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) 12
9 New England Patriots (1-1) 11
10 Miami Dolphins (2-0) 10
11 Atlanta Falcons (1-1) 21
12 Carolina Panthers (1-1) 9
13 Chicago Bears (1-1) 18
14 Denver Broncos (2-0) 14
15 San Francisco 49ers (1-1) 24
16 Washington (1-1) 4
17 New York Jets (1-1) 2
18 Cleveland Browns (0-1-1) 16
19 Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1-1) 17
20 Baltimore Ravens (1-1) 1
21 Tennessee Titans (1-1) 23
22 Los Angeles Chargers (1-1) 27
23 New Orleans Saints (1-1) 25
24 Dallas Cowboys (1-1) 26
25 Indianapolis Colts (1-1) 28
26 Houston Texans (0-2) 22
27 Seattle Seahawks (0-2) 19
28 New York Giants (0-2) 20
29 Detroit Lions (0-2) 31
30 Oakland Raiders (0-2) 30
31 Arizona Cardinals (0-2) 29
32 Buffalo Bills (0-2) 32