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Pierre Garçon walked us through the block that led to Matt Breida’s touchdown

Garçon ranks it up there with one his best blocks of his football career - Breida calls him “a monster”

The block lasted for what it seemed like an eternity to those of us just watching. It must have felt even longer for Pierre Garçon who was locked up with Lions DB Nevin Lawson for at least half of Matt Breida’s 66-yard touchdown run. Garçon has always prided himself on being a complete player, hence a blocker, but he did remark that this ranked as one of the best blocks of his football career:

“It’s up there. I had one in college in the National Championship game, Nate Kmic was the running back and it was kind of a similar block, and I had one last year but we didn’t score on it. It was against Seattle, kind of reminded me of that one.”

Garçon is known as one of the bigger trash talkers in the league but he says there wasn’t much talking as the block went on. He does admit to doing his share of talking throughout a game, as he says that it makes him play harder. He also sees that his teammates feed off it it and it gets everyone energized. It has clearly had an effect on how Breida sees him:

“I just followed Pierre to the end zone, he became my fullback essentially down the field. Like I said those guys blocked their butts off for me. He’s [Garçon] a monster. He’s fearless to go in the middle and catch a ball, not afraid to block. I feel like that’s what’s one day going to make him a Hall of Famer. He’s been in this league for a long time and that’s what he’s about.”

Garçon remained humble about the block, saying he was just “happy to be a part of it.” He felt like Breida had been close to breaking one for a while and saw him get open. He recalled staying with Lawson as long as the play was live, trying not to get a holding call. He knew he had the last guy left who could prevent the score and could hear “excitement and the guys running behind” him. Garçon admitted he didn’t know exactly where Breida was behind him and was just hoping that he could make a move to cut around to get into the end zone.

Garçon caught all four of his targets for 57 yards facing the Lions and Kyle Shanahan revealed in hind sight that he should gone to him more. He added that Garçon did the best at beating the tight man coverage that the Lions defense was playing against them. Garçon said that targets don’t matter to him, you go into the game with a plan and depending on what you opponent gives you, the game could turn out completely different.