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Brent Jones talks George Kittle, playing fantasy football as a player, current state of the 49ers

The former 49ers All-Pro tight end has praise for the latest 49ers tight end.

Matt Maiocco continues getting great guests for his podcast. This week he nabbed former 49ers tight end Brent Jones. We may get to start calling him Hall of Fame tight end, because Jones is on the list of the nominees to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He’s got a long ways to go, but the nomination should speak that he was not your average tight end. Jones witnessed the transition from Steve Young to Joe Montana and got three Super Bowl rings in his time with the 49ers.

And being the tight end that he is, he had some choice words for George Kittle, the new heir of the 49ers tight end position.

You know, I really do like George a lot. I think he’s got a really good route-running, smooth type of nuanced receiving skills, the way he attacks routes and certainly the way he catches the ball. I think with any young player, Matt and you know this, you’re looking for more consistency. He can explode and have six or seven catches, can take it to the house from 60 yards, but he’s got to be able to focus. Instead of getting up field you gotta let that ball into your hands. You gotta make the easy catches as well as the tough ones. I think that just comes with playing time and consistency.

He was a huge part of Week 1, and then didn’t get as many opportunities this last week and that happens throughout the course of a season with the way defenses play you. I think he probably got on the radar screen, Week 1 and so the Lions probably tried a few things to take him away. I think as a young tight end; underrated speed, certainly a guy with good athleticism and good hips—I’ve been able to see him adjust to balls that some of the bigger, stiffer tight ends can’t go ahead and make the adjustments.

So I think a lot of that leads to a potential great tight end prospect for the 49ers in the future. As you know, staying healthy is a big part of it, and continuing to learn and grow. I haven’t met George yet. Everything I’ve heard from inside the building is he has a great attitude, willing to work, get better, and you see the leap that he made from year one to year two.

If anyone knows tight ends, it’s Brent Jones. Jones says he’s still a 49ers fan and had some evaluations of Jimmy Garoppolo, the current state of the 49ers and some memories of George Kittle. Below are the timestamps. You can listen using the widget above. If it doesn’t appear, go here.

00:37 - Living in Dallas, Texas
02:24 - Watching the 49ers
03:00 - Relationship with John Lynch
04:00 - Memories of Kyle Shanahan
06:00 - Similarities between the 49ers now and the 49ers Jones played for
07:25 - Thoughts on George Kittle
12:36 - Playing fantasy football as an actual NFL player
15:46 - Jimmy Garoppolo’s response to being a, “fully loaded computer”
18:07 - Steve Young’s development before 49ers vs. Garoppolo’s before 49ers
20:15 - How far the team is away from being a playoff/championship contender