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Solomon Thomas is looking to help others following his sister’s suicide earlier this year

San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Solomon Thomas lost his sister to suicide this past offseason, and he has spent the months since dedicating himself to fighting the mental health crisis in America.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Molly Knight published an article as told to her by Thomas. He discussed his sister and the very serious issues that led to her suicide, including sexual assault. He also talked about how people can attempt to deal with mental health issues.

It’s a rough story, but an important one. If you are not dealing with mental health issues, it is almost guaranteed that you know someone who is. There are stigmas surrounding these kinds of issues, and the first step is helping to remove those stigmas. If people feel more comfortable talking about these issues with friends and family, maybe this becomes a problem that dissipates over time.

When you get a minute, give the article a read. It is well worth everybody’s time to read it.