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The preseason is a wrap, but I wanted to share some photos from the 49ers-Chargers game. I was on hand for the preseason finale with a photo credential and I’ve included 181 photos above from the evening.

The action shots start with C.J. Beathard’s last play of the night, which unfortunately was a sack. I didn't enjoy seeing C.J. on the ground, but he's one tough ball player for sure.

I noticed a few changes in the stadium. I heard the pump it up music when the defense was on the field and the crowd took note and was making some noise. For a fourth preseason game, I was kinda shocked. Some fans in the crowd were flapping their arms up and down encouraging fans to make some noise when the 49ers offense was in the red zone. Hopefully they were just tourists and didn't know that when the offense is on the field silence is better. When the defense is on the field, feel free to wave your arms up and down and screaming and yelling. The defense feeds off that energy, and it would be nice to see that home field advantage come alive this season at Levi’s Stadium.