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Golden Nuggets: Is Shanahan the new genius in town

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday September 21, 2018

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Our offense has had a few good plays and a few missed opportunities but they have not looked very consistent. During Jimmy G’s starts last year, it felt like the 49ers had a good chance to do something big on almost every offensive play. There was energy and expectations I had not seen since the ‘90s. Unfortunately, I haven’t felt that same energy the first two weeks of this season.

Some people are blaming Jimmy Garoppolo. He has hung onto the ball too long, he is not seeing the open receiver, he is staring down his intended receiver and he is not making good decisions is just some of the accusations I have read on Niners Nation.

Some people are blaming the receivers not getting open and some are blaming the offensive line while others look to the Jerrick McKinnon injury for being the blame for our sluggish start.

My question is, why are people so unwilling to blame the head coach and offensive coordinator? Most of them get extremely defensive the moment you mention anything about him being held accountable. Holding the coach accountable has become synonymous with saying he is a bad coach and I am not sure why? If you really think Kyle Shanahan is a great coach, why are you being so insecure that no one can question anything he says or does?

It is up to Kyle Shanahan to fix what is wrong with the team. If that means bringing in new players, coaching up the ones he has or changing the game plan to get the most out of his players, that is what he is there for. Good or bad, he is ultimately responsible for the team come game day.

Now you might think I am getting down on Kyle Shanahan and you are partially right but it is because of my faith and respect in his coaching abilities that I hold him to such a high standard. I think he has the ability to make the changes we need to be more consistent. Players are not executing at the level he has demanded and opposing coaches have spent time during the off season to plan defensive coverages to slow the 49ers offense down. I have little doubt Shanahan will respond. He is way too smart when it comes to coaching tactics not to. I anxiously am looking forward to see what he comes up with against the Kansas City Chiefs.

I sincerely believe Shanahan is the answer to making the whole offense look better. I believe he is also intelligent enough to make some subtle changes that can make Jimmy G’s life easier on game day. It took Matt Ryan two training camps to get Shanahan’s offense down and he was a seasoned veteran quarterback. Perhaps Shanahan might have fed Jimmy Garoppolo too much detail too early? I don’t know? I do know Kyle has a great supporting cast when it comes to breaking down game film and looking for the edge needed to be competitive. Don’t be surprised if the offense looks a little more consistent this week.

On another note, Baker Mayfield looked pretty good tonight. He looked like he deserved to be the first pick in the draft.

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