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Matt Breida wins Fedex Ground Player of the Week

Well, that was impressive. He earned the award with some big runs, but now he and Alfred Morris face a tall order against the Kansas City Chiefs.

So we told you to go vote for Matt Breida to be the Fedex player of the week and you didn’t vote, because the San Francisco 49ers running back has won the award of cheesy sponsorships.

What does he get for this? Not much. What do we get? A chance to watch his awesome touchdown run again. We’re almost a week removed from 49ers-Lions but this run still hasn’t gotten old.

The 49ers were high on Breida coming out of college at Georgia Southern and for a UDFA, he has been nothing short of impressive. It’s a shame we won’t see what it would have been with him and Jerick McKinnon on the field but I’m already salivating for 2019.

It remains a mystery what kind of work Breida will get when the 49ers go up against the Kansas City Chiefs. On Friday, Kyle Shanahan talked about dividing up carries and whether they want to reward Breida’s high average with more carries, or if the high average is benefited by his current workload.

“I think both. Average can tell you some things, but not everything. It depends if you look at all the runs. He definitely had the longest one, which really helps your average. But, he was doing good on the others too. So, I wouldn’t say that’s the case. I think it’s very important for both of those guys to be fresh. I think they play off each other very well. We’ll go with the hot hand, but whoever the hot hand is eventually tires out. We try to keep them both as fresh as possible. But, when a guy does get on a role he’s usually going to get more than the other.”

Breida had one fewer carries than Alfred Morris in Week 1, and three fewer in Week 2. Time of possession will be critical against the Chiefs explosive offense, so regardless of who gets more carries, it should be a busy day for both running backs.