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Video of the most important 49ers-Chiefs matchup: Montana vs. Young

Nothing else comes close

The San Francisco 49ers are gearing up to face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and some history always gets run down; The Alex Smith trade, the Joe Montana Trade. In that history there’s always one game that will remain the most important matchup between the two teams:

1994’s grudge match. 49ers-Chiefs. Montana vs. Steve Young.

The 49ers traded Montana in the 1993 offseason after the quarterback situation became unsustainable. Young was making an MVP campaign the previous year and Montana was recovering from a vicious hit in the playoffs.

When it was all said and done Young was the undisputed starter (a controversy that had been going on for years) and Montana was out of the picture in Kansas City.

Then came the matchup between Young and Montana in 1994.

A GREAT video detailing the buildup to Young vs. Montana showed up on YouTube recently that displayed the game’s details and how things went towards the end. Given that the Chiefs are on the horizon, I figured I’d include it here.

Note: The DMCA biscuits are monitoring this, so if you can’t view the video above, go here.