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49ers players discuss the possible loss of Jimmy Garoppolo

Several players spoke out about what losing Garoppolo means to the team

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It is feared that the 49ers lost their starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo to a season ending ACL injury. Garoppolo was taken to the team bus after the game on a cart, used crutches to board and will have an MRI tomorrow. It was a somber locker room after the loss and several players expressed their feelings on what Garoppolo has brought to the team since his arrival and what they will miss about him at the helm of the offense.

C.J. Beathard

“I mean it’s tough. He is our starting quarterback and he is a great leader of this team. I am going to be praying for him. Hopefully he will heal up as quick as possible. I just talked to him in the training room. I told him I would be praying for him and that I love him. He told me to lead these guys.”

Matt Breida

“If it is the ACL, that’s going to be a tough loss. Jimmy is a great competitor. It’s hard to replace Jimmy Garoppolo, but C.J. is going to come in if he has to, and do a great job. You saw the first time he was in, he threw a touchdown pass so we will be alright.

“[Garoppolo] is just a baller, I don’t know how else to say it and he makes stuff happen that normal quarterbacks don't make happen, so it’s going to be tough, but C.J. is going to step it up and going to be a great leader.”

George Kittle

“I’ve never lost a starter before so you’ll have to ask a veteran guy or coach Shanahan. We just have to stay together. C.J. is going to step in and we all have the utmost confidence in him and he’s going to ball out.”

Kyle Juszczyk

“It’s huge. That’s your franchise quarterback but there’s no reason to harp on it to be totally honest with you, we gotta move forward. We know C.J. can get the job done, C.J. is extremely talented and guys are going to rally behind him.

“It sounds easy but that’s football man, it’s such a tough sport on everybody and these things happen, but honestly dwelling on it doesn’t help, so we’re going to support him, we love Jimmy but we also love C.J. so we’re going to give him everything we’ve got.

“He’s [Garoppolo] in good spirits. He's a positive guy. I apologized to him, it’s unfortunate that kind of stuff happens but it’s the sport we play.”

Marquise Goodwin

“It’s a downer. In the game we play, that happens sometimes, and you hate to see one of your leaders go down. It just means C.J. has to step up to the plate.”

Reuben Foster

We have big hopes for Jimmy and he made us who we are but C.J. is a great quarterback too. This is football, this is the sport, you might get dirty, you might not, but the next guy gotta come up and just play ball and we have faith in C.J.

I went in and checked on him [Garoppolo] in the training room and I just saw it in his face and he was just like (shaking his head) and I was like ‘Hey, brother, we got you. You just sit down and heal, we are going to fight for you, no matter what’.

We got support for Jimmy. That’s a hard pill to swallow. That’s Jimmy G. But guess what, we got C.J. up next and C.J. ain’t no roody-poo.

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Joe Staley (via Cam Inman)

“It’s gonna be a bummer, with Jimmy — don’t know what it is officially yet — if he’s out, CJ played a lot of games for us last year. We have a lot of confidence he’s gonna be able to go in, and he knows the offense — it’s just one of those things, you gotta step up. We have no two ways about it. We’ll see what it is, and if CJ’s rolling out there, we’ll be ready to go. I think CJ’s up to the task, he’s put in a lot of work, and we’ve gotta move forward.”

Kyle Shanahan

“I mean anytime you lose your starting quarterback it is a big deal. It was when we lost out starting running back too. So obviously, I feel for him personally. I know how disappointed he is. I have not had a chance to see him yet, but I feel for him.”