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The injuries today came from out of nowhere; Let’s watch RKOs from out of nowhere


No denying it, today really, really sucks. The San Francisco 49ers had what turned into a fun game against the Kansas City Chiefs but nothing was fun about the ending. Jimmy Garoppolo was carted off, Richard Sherman has a calf injury, and numerous other dings and bruises swell the 49ers as they leave Arrowhead.

Forget the win, this game might have ended the season. Garoppolo changed the entire culture of that offense when he stepped on the field. C.J. Beathard has the experience, but his preseason was not at all inspiring.

We’re all depressed, scared, frustrated. Might as well get a laugh out of this.

A loss hurts, a loss where the 49ers may have several players out for weeks—or the season, makes it even worse.

So if you haven’t seen the RKOs from out of nowhere, I suggest checking Youtube and watching them. The basic gist is Randy Orton looks for life fails and is superimposed with an RKO while the announcing team goes nuts screaming how it came out of nowhere. The last time we showed RKOs, it was during the Chip Kelly era, I believe. Seems like a good time to find some new RKOs.

Things aren’t over. The 49ers still have development they can benefit from this season. This is one of the worst losses I can think of in recent memory. The season isn’t over yet.

Stay faithful, my friends.