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Rams remain atop the NFC West

The Cardinals remain at the bottom, and it seems LA has an easy road to the division title.

The San Francisco 49ers suffered their second loss of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs, but they might have lost something more significant than the game with the numerous injuries plaguing the team. None have been more severe than the (possible as of this writing) ACL tear Jimmy Garoppolo could have suffered. Meanwhile the Rams have won again, putting them at the top of the division. Here’s how everything shakes out:

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams were in the battle for Los Angeles as they faced the L.A. Chargers Although the Rams secured a convincing 35-23 victory, cornerback Marcus Peters was helped off the field with a limp. It was at first feared to be achilles-related, but it’s been later speculated to be a calf strain. The Rams are now 3-0 and at the top of the NFC West with a two-game lead. Plenty can change over the next 14 weeks, but the division would appear to be all but theirs for the taking.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks notched their first win of the year, beating the Dallas Cowboys at Century Link Field 24-13. The Seahawk defense seemed like something from the days of old, sacking Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott five times. Safety Earl Thomas managed to garner two interceptions as well. In fact, Thomas’ antics after the interception and after the game have generated headlines. He bowed in front of the sideline after his second interception. Later on it was reported that Cowboys coaches said, “You ready for the trade tomorrow?” It’s a much needed win for a team dealing with its share of drama.

Arizona Cardinals

And the Cardinals remain winless after their last second loss to the Chicago Bears. This doesn’t mean they didn’t make a game out of it. The fourth quarter was what you want in football games. Sacks, field goals, and quarterback Sam Bradford getting sent to the pine in favor of rookie Josh Rosen. Rosen didn’t fare much better, throwing a pick that pretty much sealed the game. The Cardinals are now the bottom of the NFC West, although the 49ers could join them depending on what they get from C.J. Beathard.

Into Week 4

The Rams have a firm hold of the lead and are turning to a battle for NFC dominance overall against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings were outright embarrassed by the Buffalo Bills Sunday, in a 27-6 drubbing. Yes, the Buffalo Bills who couldn’t decide between Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen. A Buffalo Bills squad that couldn’t muster anything against the Baltimore Ravens or the Chargers. Those Buffalo Bills. Being that it’s a Thursday Night game, expect even more craziness. Meanwhile, the 49ers, and Seahawks can duke it out for who gets second place in this mess. And the Cardinals? Well, you know the answer to that.

1st: Los Angeles Rams; Next: vs. Minnesota Vikings
T-2nd: San Francisco 49ers; Next: at Los Angeles Chargers
T-2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: at Arizona Cardinals
4th: Arizona Cardinals; Next: vs. Seattle Seahawks