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Reuben Foster discusses getting back on the field and the loss of Jimmy Garoppolo

Foster is always an interesting interview - here he discusses his return, the second half adjustments as well as his confidence in C.J. Beathard

The 49ers went into Kansas City a little stronger with Reuben Foster slated for his return after missing the first two games from suspension. Foster finished the day with six solo tackles, one assist and one pass break up. While he gave everyone a scare, leaving the game when he had the wind knocked out of him, he went back in and played until the end — missing only one snap.

In his post game media availability Foster discussed how good it felt to be back on the field but yet how he was feeling “down” as a result of losing both the game and Jimmy Garoppolo. Foster is, however, very confident in C.J. Beathard, who will take over for Garoppolo — if and when his ACL tear is confirmed.

Foster said he went into to the training room to check on Garoppolo, like many players did. He reported that he could see in Garoppolo’s face that it was bad news.

“We have big hopes for Jimmy and he made us who we are but C.J. is a great quarterback too. This is football, this is the sport, you might get dirty, you might not, but the next guy gotta come up and just play ball and we have faith in C.J.

“I went in and checked on him [Garoppolo] in the training room and I just saw it in his face and he was just like (shaking his head) and I was like ‘Hey, brother, we got you. You just sit down and heal, we are going to fight for you, no matter what’.

“We got support for Jimmy. That’s a hard pill to swallow. That’s Jimmy G. But guess what, we got C.J. up next and C.J. ain’t no roody-poo.”

Foster added that it was “heart dropping” to see the leader of their team go down but he says the team will learn, and “man up.”

Foster did not really want to discuss his temporary exit from the game after Kareem Hunt landed on and knocked the wind out of him, but he did say the saw a light when it happened. It is interesting, and nerve wracking, that anytime that Foster goes down in a game, it appears incredibly serious, but then he ends up going back into the game.

As far as the second half adjustments that appeared to help the 49ers keep the offense on the field and defense off of it, Foster said that they slowed the game down and played “their game”. He admitted that there were a lot of missed tackles, including those made by Foster himself. He also added that he enjoyed playing next to Fred Warner who he has had instant chemistry with. He said that it feels like they've been playing together since middle school or high school.