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Golden Nuggets: First Day of the Rest of the Season

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Monday, September 24th, 2018 edition.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning folks. Now that we’ve had some time to sleep on it, I think most of us can firmly say that yesterday sucked. Ordinarily, the morning after a loss is a great time to go after silver linings, and shift focus to the week at hand. However, yesterday was a colossal kick in the rear, and I wouldn’t blame a single one of you fine people for not being over it. Naturally, I’d hope for the same from you. It’s going to be a hot-take kind of week, and you’ve got my blessing to express yourselves (within prescribed site decorum, of course).

First things first, Jimmy Garoppolo sustained a fourth quarter knee injury that is expected to be serious. Later today, he’ll meet with the team doctors for an MRI, at which time the severity of the injury will become more clear. However, the Kyle Shanahan has already announced that the team fears a torn ACL, and has already addressed his confidence in CJ Beathard as the next man up. In other major injury news, Richard Sherman will also be meeting with team doctors later today for an MRI on a calf injury he sustained in the second quarter. Although he was later seen in a walking boot, the early diagnosis has pointed towards a calf injury, and thankfully, not an Achilles rupture.

The game itself wasn’t much better, as the 49ers took a colossal whooping in the first half, giving up 35 points, and only managing to scrape together 10 of their own in an obvious catch-up kind of game. Although the defense looked fairly serviceable against the run (despite two ground TDs), they were annihilated through the air early and often. Luckily for the box score fans, garbage time started early and the 49ers were able to compile some success after the half.

Into the fourth quarter, Jimmy Garoppolo had driven into the Chiefs redzone, threatening to bring the lead to just one touchdown. He was injured on a scramble that will likely be hotly debated for some time - whether the injury was non-contact or due to an ill-advised cutback. On CJ Beathard’s first play in relief of Groptimus Dime, he threw the ugliest pass I’ve ever seen into the arms of his former Iowa teammate George Kittle for a score. Because it’s clear at this point that the Football Deities have it out for 49ers fans, the refs called it back on a universally-panned offensive pass interference call.

This was one of the more deflating games in recent memory, and it’ll be very important to see how the team responds to this type of crushing adversity. The 49ers play the Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego next Sunday.

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