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Report: 49ers bringing in Tom Savage for a workout

Kyle Shanahan was reportedly a fan of his back in 2014.

The San Francisco 49ers have lost quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to a torn ACL, leaving C.J. Beathard as the starting quarterback and practice squad player Nick Mullens as the backup. The team will need to add at least a practice squad body, but they might be looking for some more competition. ESPN’s Jordan Schultz is reporting the 49ers are bringing in quarterback Tom Savage for a workout.

My first thought was, what the [site decorum] are they thinking? Since entering the NFL in 2014, Tom Savage has proven to be nothing more than a mediocre at best quarterback. He had some decent moments in 2016, but for the most part has not been particularly good. So, why then are the 49ers interested?

Well, it turns out Kyle Shanahan was a fan of Savage when the quarterback was coming out of college. Back in 2014, when Shanahan was the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator, it was widely reported he was not interested in Johnny Manziel. Subsequent reports talked about his interest in Eastern Illinois prospect Jimmy Garoppolo, but it turns out he also might have been a fan of Savage coming out of school.

Farmer will not reveal where any player is ranked on the team’s draft board. Sources, though, said Shanahan liked Jimmy Garoppolo, now with New England, or Tom Savage, now with Houston. Debate existed among assistant coaches about Manziel’s draft ratings, with some not giving him a first-round grade.

Tom Savage has not impressed in the NFL, but the past interest would explain the plan to bring him in for a workout. I don’t see it as a good reason, but it’s a reason. The 49ers want someone to push Beathard in practice, and Shanahan would seem to think Savage might be able to do it. I disagree, but I’m not really an expert in these matters. We’ll see if we end up with a much hyped QB competition between C.J. Beathard and Tom Savage.