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49ers fantasy football pick-ups, drops for Week 4

You know what’s coming. You know who is going to be dropped.

The San Francisco 49ers have been retooled with a quarterback change. Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL in Week 3 against the Kansas City Chiefs which means his season is over, but don’t worry we’ll get to that. Now that C.J. Beathard is in the game, we’ll need to look at how his sophomore performance stacks up with the wide receivers. This is a very depressing fantasy week for 49ers fans.

As always, percentage owned numbers are based on Yahoo! leagues.


C.J. Beathard

% Owned: 1
Week 3 stats: Nothing (thanks refs)

With Garoppolo out and the weapons the 49ers have, you’d think Beathard wouldn’t be a bad backup, right?

No. This is for the three of you were crazy enough to roll with that logic. Take your hands off the left click. Do. Not. Pick. Up. Beathard. While I’m optimistic Beathard’s sophomore season will be an improvement over his rookie outing, he’d have to play lights out to even think of wasting a bench slot. Don’t go homer for this guy. He’s not worth a bench slot in this league. Ever.

Really, don’t do it.

Pick up or don’t pick up: Don’t pick him up. Unless you already have nothing to play for and are trying to make an all-Niner team.

Alfred Morris

% Owned: 53
Week 3 stats: 14 carries, 67 yards

As becoming tradition, the 49ers split running back carries, with Matt Breida getting the slight lion’s share of the work this time around. 14 carries for 67 yards and no passes doesn’t bode well for Morris who was used more in the traditional running back mold.

Except one difference: Matt Breida is listed as questionable for Week 4 with a hyper-extended right knee. Even if Breida is ready to go on Sunday, that’s not an injury that will have him at 100 percent which may make Morris the featured back. If Breida is out, expect Morris to play bell cow.

All things considered, that would increase his workload. If you are in a PPR league that grants points per carry, there’s some treasure to get from this. To add more fun to this scenario, the 49ers may very well run the ball more now that Beathard is behind center , granting carries for all!

Just one problem. Until we are proven otherwise, Beathard isn’t the greatest at this throwing the football thing, and the league knows it. Expect defenses to quickly stack the box to where the running backs may not get much room at all.

Look at the Cleveland Browns and Carlos Hyde, he now is one of the sneakiest picks someone could have had since Mayfield actually makes lanes for him to run in now that Tyrod Taylor’s bad throwing is no longer a benefit.

That considered, the opportunity for volume in a system where everyone is going to stack the box may just find Morris open anyways. This is Kyle freaking Shanahan we’re talking about here.

Speaking of Beathard, if you have Breida or Morris, this stat should make you very, very happy.

Pick up or don’t pick up: If you need a running back, pick him up. Maybe not with your first waiver claim, but definitely find a way to get him on your team for the foreseeable future.

Fool’s gold

All of the 49ers wide receivers

% Owned: Don’t get us started

The 49ers passing game is taking a huge hit with the season-ending injury of Garoppolo. This devalues the stock of the wide receivers. For now, they (hopefully) have been on your bench because none of them have done anything to merit being a started beyond a flex spot (unless you’re in a deeper league). Notice, we are limiting this to wide receivers. George Kittle is about to become a must-start tight end with this roster change. You read it here first.

That said, keep what you have on the bench. We don’t know what Beathard will do in his second season or if he has a favorite target that isn’t Kittle/running backs. Give it a week or two if you can sustain the bench because he may have a go-to guy that he wants to throw to, and only throw to them—which makes that pass-catcher money in a PPR league. Well, as long as he can throw in their zip code.

Drop or don’t drop: If you got a wide receiver on your team, wait a week or two to see who Beathard favors, then make some decisions accordingly.

Jimmy Garoppolo

% Owned: 86
Week 4 stats: 20 completions, 251 yards; 2 touchdowns

Look at that stat train. That’s a Jimmy G we’re familiar with, and had it not been for that last minute injury, the 49ers may have won that game against KC. Unfortunately, we also have to set things straight: His season is over. Jimmy G is gone and he’s not coming back. At least in 2018. It’s time to part ways.

So what happens? Well you know you gotta let him go. Release him from your bench and get a new backup or starting QB. I’d recommend Baker Mayfield for a week while you figure it out. He’ll give defenses fits for a week or two while there’s no film and then you can grab whoever is on the board that can fill out your season—or just stream a QB.

Things to keep in mind: Garoppolo’s season in fantasy wasn’t terrible. For 2019, he’s definitely a sneaky play in the later rounds as he won’t be getting reached like he was in 2018. You might even want to snag him for a keeper league if you find yourself out of other options, but that might not be worth the keeper tag as your first round running back or wide receiver or even a different quarterback could be better depending on your scoring. But yes, folks. Time to move on.

Drop or don’t drop: Drop him.