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Golden Nuggets: Is this all a dream?

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Wednesday, September 25th 2018

I woke up today after a dream where Jimmy Garoppolo threw great passes and had that Jimmy G grin on each one. The crowd cheered, Jerick McKinnon danced into the endzone.

Then I woke up and realized that was all a dream. Now we get to watch C.J. Beathard—which is the smart choice. Get development for the other guys. But It made me think of a rather funny moment.

When Garoppolo came in under center, he ushered in an era of hope. The entire mood of the team changed. He quickly ran and threw a last second touchdown to show—the 49ers were coming back to relevance.

By comparison, when Beathard came in in the last seconds of the Kansas City game, he managed a touchdown pass of his own, but one that got nullified due to a ridiculous pass interference penalty. The Tides of Darkness have returned.

And yet, I’m a bit optimistic. Not playoff optimistic, but I don’t feel like the 49ers are going to win only two games this year without Jimmy G. I think Beathard has something to prove. At least we get prime time games.

Onto your links:

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What a horrible night to have a curse...